Something to keep in mind......

Please remember that the Los Angeles market is very specific when it comes to the types of headshots that are preferred. That being said:

    • Vertical Headshots are the preferred Headshot format. This format works best on the electronic submission systems, such as Actors Access, Casting Frontier & LA Casting.
    • Acting Headshots should be 3/4 shots from chest up to head (No cropping hair)
    • Try to stay away from dark background or busy type background such as foliage, brick walls. A clean, plain, and clear background is always the best.
    • Also stay away from heavy or distracting jewelry.
    • Your headshot is your business card in this Industry. Meaning if your pictures are not great, the chances of being seen by a Casting Director, Manager or an Agent are slim.
    • Most importantly, a GREAT looking picture that captures a great attitude is sure to get you auditions.

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Remember Parents that only a few different looks are needed. The most common looks for kids, teen and  young adults are usually:

A casual everyday school look
A preppy holiday - family look
A character looking face look

Also keep in mind that the pictures need to be updated more often with kids & teens as their features change as they grow. Pictures needs to reflect the way they look today . . . not 2 years ago.

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