It's a FACT . . . Actors are constantly having to invest time & money in furthering their careers. Our concept is simple . . . save TIME & MONEY with "One CLICK" to "One SITE".

Actors Club Online - CONNECTING Kids, Teens and Adults Actors with Industry Professionals & Services. PLUS Promotions, Special Events, Pricing & Discount/Special Offers on services Actors use most: Acting and Commercial Classes, Private Coaching, Photographers, Demo Reel Editors, Printers, Showcase Events & Workshops.

Actors Club Online is MORE than just a "List" of LA Professionals. It's current "Up to Date" information including available Promo's, Special Events, Members Pricing and Special Offers. It's using our Social Media pages & E-mail "Campaigns" to further that CONNECTION. Plus our "friendly" Smart Phone / Tablet WEBSITE FORMAT allows Actors to CONNECT with local professionals anytime, anywhere!

With more than 40 Years of Experience in Commercial, Television and Film, Actors can CONNECT with Professionals that are able to guide, direct and work with them to ensure their progress in the Acting Industry. Our listed LA Professionals maintain proven track records that reflects in their success. . .  which can lead to YOUR SUCCESS!

Actors Club Online is a Membership website and based in Los Angeles, CA.