Tips for finding the right acting classes

So many different type of classes ? Drama, Scene Study, Comedy Improv, Audition Technique, Commercial, Voice Over .... Start Now and search for best known classes and workshops.

What is the difference between  Casting Director Workshops and a regular Acting clsses ? Which one should you take?
If you want to break through into the TV Commercial industry, you need to have some good commercial training.

There are different types of classes ranging from beginners to advanced.

Commercial classes can be taken one on one with a Teacher or a Casting Director, or can be taken in groups. Most group classes range from 10 to 15 people.

If you do not receive callbacks from your auditions, it is usually because your interview technique was not good enough for the Client/Director. The best classes are usually the ones taught by a Commercial Casting Director or Someone that works in a Casting office.

If you do receive callbacks but never book the job, it is usually because something is off with your body language when you are in front of the Director, Producer, and/or Advertising Agency. That is when you should look into an advanced Commercial Class or Workshop.

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